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Do you know what Delfryn means? Delfryn is a pretty view by a pretty hill and just like the meaning we ensure you a very delightful view of the nature at its best.Hotel Delfryn , a pure vegetarian boutique hotel opened recently to give a grand view of the snow capped luxurious mountains and waterfalls. Located strategically at a height of 7000ft. approx. and surrounded by vast span of deodar pine trees which give the immense beauty of the mountains and hills in Manali (Manali is famous for the true and natural beauty for that), it is an enchanting hideaway in the laps of nature to provide the ultimate comfort and luxury relaxation. The hotel is just 2kms from Manali Bus stand situated in the Log Hut Area near Shree Ram Sharnam Temple. Come and experience the nature to rejuvenate yourself with plenty of options. !

Please Note :- Hotel does not have Lift facility.



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